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How is FBCDSA working for you?


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Civil Service

The FBCDSA Board of Representatives have been working closely to create and update the Civil Service plan that now covers all employees at the Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office (FBCSO).  The current Civil Service Commissioners have recognized the FBCDSA as the voice for FBCSO employees and have looked to the FBCDSA for opinions on proposed changes.  While we understand changes to the Civil Service plan cannot possibly make every single employee happy, it is the position of the FBCDSA Board of Representatives that we represent our membership and strive to endorse changes that benefit members in the best possible ways.  We are always looking for opinions and feedback and encourage our membership to be vocal with opinions to your FBCDSA Representatives.


Injured Officer’s Fund

The FBCDSA maintains a fund called the “Injured Officer’s Fund”. This fund is intended to assist FBCDSA members who have been injured and may need some financial assistance. This fund is maintained through proceeds from fundraising events. FBCDSA members who would like to request financial assistance from the Injured Officer’s Fund should speak to your FBCDSA Representative and include details regarding your request.


Events Benefitting the FBC Community

The FBCDSA mission includes providing service to the Fort Bend County community.  The FBCDSA pursues this mission by volunteering for and donating to events and causes throughout Fort Bend County each year.  A few of these causes include:

  • The annual School Supply Drive benefits local elementary schools through donations of pencils, pens, paper, crayons, rulers, scissors, glue, and other standard school supplies
  • The annual Fort Bend Holiday Bowl featuring Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office employees and Sugar Land Police Department employees battling it out on the football field for charity.  The Santa Behind The Badge and Toys For Tots-Fort Bend charities both benefit from proceeds and donations at this event
  • The annual ARC of Fort Bend fundraiser benefits The Arc of Fort Bend and its vision to advocate for people with intellectual disabilities


Behind The Badge Charities

The FBCDSA and Behind The Badge Charities have a special relationship.  Behind The Badge Charities was created by the FBCDSA in response to the tragic death of FBCSO Deputy J.D. Norsworthy.  Since its creation, FBCDSA members and board members, along with many important community partners, have played an integral role in managing the charity and expanding it to benefit nearly 50 law enforcement, fire, and E.M.S. agencies throughout Fort Bend County.  The FBCDSA continues to sponsor and volunteer at Behind The Badge Charities events such as the annual Boots & Badges Gala and Sugar Land Skeeter’s First Responders Day.  This special relationship benefits every FBCDSA member and resident of Fort Bend County by supporting the first responders that keep our community safe every day.



The FBCDSA, TMPA, & CLEAT also have a special relationship. All Sheriff’s Office employees can join TMPA or CLEAT. The FBCDSA maintains a relationship with both organizations that has allowed us to request assistance with legal representation, Civil Service guidance, event sponsorships, and on-site counseling. TMPA and CLEAT have been invaluable partners to the FBCDSA and we recommend all FBCDSA members also become a member of either TMPA or CLEAT. If you have questions about the benefits of being a TMPA or CLEAT member, please ask your FBCDSA Representative.