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FBCDSA Response:

FBC suit against family of JD Norsworthy

February 25, 2016 

For Immediate Release 


Contact: Ben Simpson 


As the largest representative organization of Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office employees, the Fort Bend County Deputy Sheriff’s Association (FBCDSA) represents many law enforcement professionals who will always remain brothers, sisters, and friends to Deputy John David (“JD”) Norsworthy and his family.  The FBCDSA represents some of the finest, hardest working Sheriff’s Office and Fort Bend County employees.  Many of these individuals are also Fort Bend County taxpayers who choose to put their lives on the line every day for the public they serve. 


We at the FBCDSA recognize the fine line that is often traversed during a legal battle where money is at stake.  The FBCDSA also understands that Fort Bend County may hold certain legal rights to attempt to regain monies spent in this case.  Unfortunately, however, this case involves the death of a father, son, husband, brother, and friend to many of us.  Nothing will bring JD back to patrol another shift, tell another joke, or hug another kid in need of his comfort. 


The FBCDSA wishes to ask Fort Bend County to remember their employee who gave his life in the pursuit of justice for his county and country.  By targeting JD’s family, rather than the culpable company at the time of settlement from whom the family received compensation, Fort Bend County is sending a message to all its’ law enforcement officers.  Should we lose our lives as JD did so many years ago, our families may also be targeted and reminded of their most painful memories for monetary gain.  The FBCDSA appreciates Fort Bend County attempting to be fiscally minded, but we believe this approach serves as a very poor recruiting message for future county employees, more especially law enforcement officers. 


Please join the FBCDSA in praying for both the Norsworthy family and Fort Bend County leaders during this difficult time.  We hope wisdom and common sense will prevail.  To all our law enforcement colleagues, remember JD today and do your job with pride, as he did every day. 



Ben Simpson 


Fort Bend County Deputy Sheriff’s Association


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